Why Love Your Image?

Do you want great images but you hate being photographed?

With a mix of coaching and photography, learn how to feel comfortable and at ease in front of a camera.

If you feel you want to hide when a camera comes out, then this is for you.

What is Love Your Image and how can it help you?

Love Your Image is a specially designed series of help sessions, face to face and online taking you through a personal journey to bring you confidence in front of any camera, for photographs and video.

The Love Your Image programme is much more than a photoshoot – the package includes:

Heart Bullet  Understanding your emotions
Heart Bullet  Why it’s important for you and your business
Heart Bullet  First steps to feeling comfortable in front of the camera
Heart Bullet  Easy techniques to put into action
Heart Bullet  Learning to change your negative feelings
Heart Bullet  Banishing your fears permanently
Heart Bullet  Photographs that you’ll love.

Read on and let’s show you how to Love Your Image.

How do you get images you love when anxiety levels rise at the mention of a photoshoot and your stomach churns as soon as the camera is pointed at you?

I’m Penny Morgan, a Suffolk-based photographer, and I’ve worked with many clients over the years who’ve hated their photographs being taken but loved the results from their photoshoots. That’s why I developed the Love Your Image program.

Love Your Image is a specially designed series of sessions that will take you on a journey to having confidence in front of any camera.


Do you know what’s blocking you from taking the next step?

Get in touch and arrange your free review.

“I had worked remotely with Penny via video call at the start of Lockdown. She provided me with so many practical achievable tips which I use every day at work. These were tips on how to understand light when photographing or filming self for social media awareness.  I then booked a session with Penny face to face at her studio.

I dislike photographs of myself immensely and felt Penny worked miracles! I am using the photographs for social media, professional websites and for business.

I highly recommend Penny Morgan Photography and when I need more photographs I will be booking Penny”. 

Victoria Howell

Health and Wellbeing - Menopause Nurse

Review Your Image

Do you shy away when someone gets out a camera?
Does it create a feeling of apprehension and anxiety?
Do you dislike every photograph of yourself?

This is a FREE 30-minute session to discuss how you feel about having your photo taken. Review Your Image will encourage you to think about why you have those negative emotions and reveal how you can overcome them with Penny’s input.

Explore Your Image

This package includes a period of coaching before your headshot session. If confidence in front of the camera is a challenge, then Explore Your Image is for you.

I will explore your concerns and work towards improving the way you feel about having your photo taken. When it’s time for your photoshoot you will be ready to capture images that truly reflect your personality.

Animate Your Image

Many of us are now having to use video in our everyday lives. Whether you need to create videos to market your business or you have to give presentations over Zoom, Animate Your Image will show you how to look professional on camera.

I will explain how to gather good quality material and deliver it in a clear and convincing manner. Learn how to come across naturally and talk to the camera with ease. You will also discover additional tips on the technical side of filming video content at home.

Love Your Image five step success

Love Your Image 5-step success is a bespoke package, specifically tailored for each customer, that goes beyond a photoshoot.

Using a five-step approach, whether for business or a family occasion, we get you happily stepping in front of a camera.

By exploring your challenges and sharing techniques, one step at a time, you will learn how to feel more confident than you ever thought possible, when a lens is pointing your way.

What people say:

“I am thrilled with the headshot photos that Penny recently took of me. Penny has great patience and used various techniques to get the best shots and angles of me. Penny came to my house and soon had me feeling very relaxed in front of the camera.

I have also attended one of Penny’s Love your Image workshops which was very interesting and informative and I am using the information and tips provided whenever someone gets a camera out, which these days is quite often!!
Thank you.”

Sharon Rees

“Working with Penny was so easy. We started with a coffee and a chat about my insecurities. The session itself was relaxed and informal. There was nothing posed, she had me smiling naturally and laughing throughout and even sent me away with some helpful advice on moving forward with my confidence. I actually really enjoyed the session.
All I have had is constant compliments on my pictures since. I cannot thank her enough for getting me over my fears. She goes so far beyond photography with a personal touch and knowledge that cannot be matched.”

Katie Ives

“ I combined Penny’s Evolve your Image programme with having some new photos for my business. It has been Brilliant! Not only am I really pleased with the photos but I am now feeling confident in front of the camera.

I never thought I’d hear myself say that. I really enjoyed working with Penny and was lucky enough to work with her a second time when I needed more professional photos in a new setting.”

Helen Watson