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Based in the heart of Suffolk, I am a professional photographer offering personal, commercial and equestrian photography.

I originally trained in graphic design and explored a module in photography during my course. This sparked a creative freedom within me and in 2007 I had the opportunity for further study at the Norwich School of Photography.

As a professional photographer, I regularly noticed that my subjects would say how much they disliked having their photo taken. Previous experience choreographing actors and dance numbers for adults and children in a local drama group allowed me to bring an element of confidence building to my photography clients.

I quickly develop a rapport with customers and encouraged them to relax in front of the camera. The discovery of this common fear set me on a new, and exciting, journey.

At this time, I was also not a fan of having my picture taken. I can remember this feeling stemming back to my teenage years with a particular photo while astride a horse. As soon as I saw the camera, I turned away… and the back of my head was captured! This encouraged me to research why people don’t like their image and the psychology behind it. During my studies I was able to apply the strategies to myself and this enhanced my interactions with clients.

Penny Morgan

Love Your Image

All this has naturally led to the creation of Love Your Image. I believe that there’s so much more to the process than simply having a good photoshoot with a client. I aim to improve the way they feel about being in front of any camera.

This all begins with finding out the reasons behind their emotions – this can sometimes be a culmination of concerns, or it could have arisen from a particular event. Once this has been recognised, I can work on sharing the techniques of photography so that the client understands why photographs look the way that they do. This can cause lightbulb moments with customers.

I also expose myths that people believe about themselves and put a stop to the downward spiral of lack of self-esteem. I keep photoshoots fun and engaging, ensuring that the person can express their true personality. That’s when I’m able to capture the real essence of someone in each frame.

Creating ‘Review Your Image’, ‘Explore Your Image’, ‘Animate Your Image’ and ‘Love Your Image’ has been a culmination of my experience and knowledge over the years. If you want to overcome shyness, anxiety and apprehension and be able to get in front of the camera without fear, then these programmes have been designed for you.


It’s time to Love Your Image!

What people say:

“I had worked with Penny Morgan Photography purely remotely via video call at the start of Lockdown. Penny provided me with so many practical achievable tips which I use every day at work. These were tips on how to understand light when photographing or filming self for social media awareness.  I then booked a session with Penny face to face at her studio.

As a nurse, I was very impressed with her infection control procedures. We kept at a social distance at all times. Windows and doors were open as it was such a hot day, so the airflow was most welcome.

I explained to Penny why I so disliked photos of myself, having a scar on my cheek from a dog bite at the age 11. Because Penny is so experienced and knowledgeable she understood and took plenty of time to talk to me about how I felt. I told Penny I was dreading having my photos taken but at the same time, I knew I would have fun, as Penny is lots of good fun herself.

Initially, I was rather tense and felt false when smiling for the camera, my goodness, this didn’t last long. Penny doesn’t merely point a camera and say smile. Oh no, Penny talks all the way through, she does this naturally but there is a lot of skill behind it, I can tell you! Penny also talked me through all the equipment she was using which was great.

 As I said at the start of this recommendation, I dislike photographs of myself immensely – let me tell you this, I felt Penny worked miracles! I am using the photographs for social media, professional websites and for business.

I highly recommend Penny Morgan Photography and when I need more photographs I will be booking Penny”. 

Victoria Howell

Health and Wellbeing - Menopause Nurse