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Animate Your Image

Many of us are now using video in our everyday lives. Whether you need to create videos to market your business, get into vlogging, or give presentations over Zoom, Animate Your Image will help you get started, improve your current creations and show you how to look professional on camera. Your session is approximately 2 – 2.5 hours in a choice of locations.

Planning and creating manageable material and learning how to become a good storyteller in a clear and convincing manner is key! It will make all the difference to the quality of your videos.

We start by covering several simple technical aspects that are easy for you to implement and so important to the success of your presentations, before you’ve even started talking!

As well as ‘what’ you say, one of the most important things is ‘how’ you say it if you want to make your videos interesting and memorable. This is where we spend most of the time during the coaching session. A practise piece is requested from you to work with, in advance of our meet up.

“But I’ve never been able to act – I don’t have the confidence to get on stage”

It’s not about turning you into an actor, it’s important that you be yourself. We work on your technique and confidence and soon have you chatting away naturally as if you were sharing a cup of coffee with a friend.

“I’m rubbish at remembering a script”

There are different styles delivering to camera and learning how to read a script or use notes is OK and acceptable and part of your session. We work out what is your favoured technique, where to start and how to move forward. You will be given tips on what to continue practising and working on and can always return for a ‘follow up’ session.


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Prices from £210.00

Online availability – Animate Your Image


Animate Your Image is now available as an online Zoom session as well as an ‘in person’ face to face session . The online Zoom version is split into two sessions. The first will be about 30 minutes and cover the technical points for you to consider and put into place for your main session. The second meet up (main session) focuses on the coaching and will be approximately 1.5 hours. 

You will be requested to prepare a short piece to work with and asked to send in advance of the main session. If not supplied, I provide you text for practise.


Get in touch and arrange your session

“I have know Penny for a while, so, when I needed to produce a very quick turnaround on an online video presentation I had to do, she was my obvious choice. Never having done anything like this before, I was rather nervous of standing and talking for 10 minutes whilst being filmed… I needn’t have worried! Penny gave me plenty of tips and we had lots of practice in the few hourse I was with her, re-evaluating what I done, tweaking things to improve my speech, my stance, my approach to the camera.

I was slo pleased with the end result and would highly recommend anyone needing to do a ‘piece to camera’ to contact Penny. She made me feel so at ease with the situation, to the point where I would now be quite happy to do it again!”

Michele Smith

“I attended Penny’s workshop on Video Presentation Skills recently, learning lots of tips about putting a video together. There’s so much to think about, lighting, back drops, body language, content and loads more but Penny, Aisleen and Amy put it all across in a friendly, informative and fun way. Very interactive and well-paced”

Anne Beckett-Allen

“I had a one to one Video Presentation Skills lesson which I can say was money well spent. I now have the confidence to start using video within our business to interact with customers. Thank you.”

Luke Bennett

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