What comes first to make a change or feel we are moving forward in our lives?

Comfort zones, confidence and control – what comes first? People who dislike getting in front of a camera and being photographed, often say they can’t imagine what it might be like to feel differently. For many it had’t even occurred to them this was something they could change. The turning points could be:

  • When it starts to impact something important to you. 
  • When you realise it’s holding you back. 
  • When you realise you don’t want to feel like that anymore.

So what happens first?

  • Do we just shut our eyes and step into the unknown, because what have we got to lose?
  • Do we need to find an element of confidence before we can step out of our comfort zone?
  • Do we need to have some control to take that step, in order for our confidence to grow?

Well yes, anyone of these things may be right for different people.

People feel out of control.

I’ve been hearing an increasing number of comments around the area of ‘control’ relating to getting in front of a camera. People feel out of control, or they have no control over the situation. This seems to be growing with our society’s use of phone cameras. More than that, an increased assumption in people that they can capture anybody anywhere without considering how individuals feel. Indeed, at a business event/networking meeting, you come to expect it will happen at some point.

  • You could be at a private gathering where you don’t necessarily know everyone. 
  • You may not know where these images are going to end up.
  • You may feel even more uncomfortable asking to exclude yourself from the images.

You could feel trapped between a rock and a hard place.


Perhaps you have more control than you think.

So considering our subject of ‘comfort zones, confidence and control – what comes first’, perhaps you have more control than you think? You should always feel you are able to politely exclude yourself from images, without fear of judgement or complaint. Learning to deal with responses such as “oh you’ll be fine” or “well I want to capture everyone here”, is both achievable and empowering. 

Learning how to position yourself and importantly, what to focus on when in such a situation will also put you much more at ease. 

If working with a professional, it is they who should help you feel in control. This will likely make you feel happier and more at ease, achieving a positive effect on the results.


I want to change how I feel.

If like me, you may be a bit stubborn and prefer to discover everything for yourself! However, learning interesting facts and information that provide me with lightbulb moments for change or improvement – is empowering! It’s something I’ve achieved in myself and observed in others.

When you’ve made a decision for change, non judgemental guidance can make so much difference. Not to do the challenge for you – but to provide step by step insights and help you see a different perspective. Provide encouragement and belief in yourself. Your journey is not their journey, but they will be there to help you achieve your goals.

Interestingly, some of the things mentioned in this blog, I did mention in an earlier one, written and published two years ago and you could find a helpful read – I had to step outside my comfort zone

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