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Explore Your Image

Explore Your Image

This session is an extension to a headshot photoshoot, with a period of coaching beforehand, enabling you to feel more prepared and ready for the photography.

We discuss some of your thoughts and concerns about being photographed. Exploring your feelings on this, will help discover where your challenges and sticking points are. We work on these and create a path forward to improve your experience and how you feel.

The session is kept private and you share what you feel comfortable with.

“What happens if I don’t know where the dislike comes from?”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know, as I will guide you through all the various elements that cause individuals to dislike being photographed.

I will explain what you can expect during the photography session and guide you all the way through.

We can discuss what to wear and I encourage you to bring an optional change of clothes, adding variety and choice to your finished images.

“What will I get from the session”

  • Most importantly, you will come away with a happier and more positive outlook towards being photographed.
  • You will have several tips and tools to apply when faced with being in front of any camera.
  • Your images from the session will be placed in a private online viewing folder for you to view at your leisure and in the privacy of your own home.
  • From these you can choose and have three from the edited selection. These will be supplied as digital downloads, in two versions of each image. One version will be large high resolution (print quality) and the second as a smaller, low resolution, optimised for online use. You have the option to purchase further photographs if you wish.


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Prices from £210.00

Online availability – Explore Your Image


The coaching element of Explore Your Image is available as an online Zoom meet up, enabling you to have this part of the session and stay in the comfort of your own home.

The photography element is available in a choice of locations, that are available again as pandemic restrictions have been lifted.  


Get in touch and arrange your session

“Working with Penny was so easy. We started with a coffee and a chat about my insecurities. The session itself was relaxed and informal. There was nothing posed, she had me smiling naturally and laughing throughout and even sent me away with some helpful advice on moving forward with my confidence. I actually really enjoyed the session.
All I have had is constant compliments on my pictures since. I cannot thank her enough for getting me over my fears. She goes so far beyond photography with a personal touch and knowledge that cannot be matched.”

Katie Ives

“ I combined Penny’s Evolve your Image programme with having some new photos for my business. It has been brilliant! Not only am I really pleased with the photos but I am now feeling confident in front of the camera.

I never thought I’d hear myself say that. I really enjoyed working with Penny and was lucky enough to work with her a second time when I needed more professional photos in a new setting.”

Helen Watson

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