How many times in your life has someone said to you “take it one step at a time”?

There are many relevant points on what it takes to be at ease in front of a camera. However this article shows just how easy it can be to get there, by following my five steps to stress free photographs. I’m not just talking about working with a professional photographer, I’m also talking about any time you find a camera being pointed at you.  

Some of us need a goal or an incentive to step out of an uncomfortable place. 

When we do, we grow personally ending up mighty pleased with ourselves and a feeling of real achievement 🙂 

Imagine this analogy – the place you’re in now, with regard to being photographed, is like standing on a river bank. It’s familiar, but you want to be on the other side, because all the things you’d like to have, do or be, are over there!

You’ll get on with life in the same format that you always have. You tell yourself that you’re fine where you are, or it’s too dangerous to cross the deep water.

But you are always given a way forward when you decide you want to change something.

Finding someone to help you on that journey makes it a lot easier:

They show you how to step forward
Guide you through
Give you the tools to find your way

One step at a time can get you across to a better place on the other side of that river.

Analogy of the river

Analogy of the river when taking things one step at a time

Imagine the river has stepping stones – you can choose to take a first step and see the journey ahead. You have the option to go back, but you can’t move onto the next stone until you’ve achieved the goal of the one you’re standing on. So you always have a choice. Here are your five steps to stress free photographs.

Step 1

Is all about acknowledging where you are now and being ready to take that next step.

Step 2

It’s a bit like a ‘Photo-less Photoshoot’! We explore all the issues that affect people; identify and discuss which apply to you and discover insightful information and technique for you to move forward – no photography takes place!

Step 3 

‘The safety net step’ – go through the motions and methods of working in front of a camera, BUT, no photographs are taken. It might be possible to move across step 3 quite quickly, but it’s there as a safety stone if you need it and a valuable part of your journey 😊 

Step 4

Armed with information and control, using all you’ve learned so far, you ease into a photoshoot. We discuss the results and how you feel and re-cap on your available strategies to use for the future.

Step 5

Reaching the far bank and a stronger place, celebrating, and receiving your images.

When we really want to learn a new thing or change something in ourselves, without knowing where to start – it can seem like a wall right in front of you. All we see is the insurmountable task of getting past it and the stress and anxiety that brings. You can turn and look the other way, but it doesn’t get you past the wall. When someone helps you stand back and see a different picture, full of possibilities, things you probably haven’t thought of, it opens up a world of potential. 

Life is not always as it seems – you always have a choice – you always have a way forward and that brings you control and confidence.

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Proof of your success

Proof of your success through five steps to stress free photographs.