“Helping you be yourself in front of any camera” has been my strap line for many years and when I say ‘ANY’, I mean just that.

If you read my first blog, it talks about chewing over everything to do with being photographed. But before we get into more detail on that, Love Your Image includes getting in front of a video camera too. Primarily for those who wish to create their own, using the tech that’s pretty much available to all of us – phones, tablets, laptops, or your own camera with video capabilities. But it can also be helpful if you are planning, or have already experienced working with a professional videographer. Should apprehension, a dry mouth and tongue tied be what you experience… or simply not knowing where to start, then Love Your Image can help you too.

Love Your Image is the umbrella brand for everything I plan to cover and help with. It’s also much more than having a good experience in front of a camera. That of course is an important part. But Love Your Image is also about giving you the tools to identify what affects you and improve how you feel, so you always have that good experience! The more confident you feel, the easier it gets. You are then likely to frequently get in front of a lens. This can be good for your business, give you more material to use and put you ahead of your competitors. Whether you use the services of photography or video professionals, or, do your own thing, Love Your Image can help you.

An important thing to remember with video creation, is one persons starting point, is another person achievement goal. So it’s really important to start and progress with what you can do, rather than launching into where you think you should be and finding constant disappointment. You can access more top tips with our free download, when you sign up to our  newsletter.

For video work, Animate Your Image is the help session currently available as either a face to face meet-up, or adapted to an online session. Check out that page, but, in the meantime, join our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest blog, free tips and information.


Penny Morgan

Penny xx