When studying my my own journey of why I hated being photographed, there were definitely a few things I really wasn’t happy with and had to face. 

Was I prepared to step outside my own comfort zone? I knew this would be important if I was going to truly help others. But more than that… I wanted to change these persistent negative thoughts, – were they simply becoming a bad habit?

Along the way I heard other photographers saying “why do you think I’m on the other side of the lens?” It didn’t make them a bad photog, far from it, I hold great respect for others skills in this profession. However, felt that sort of comment perhaps provided empathy, but didn’t solve a problem. 

Collecting stories and information from others helped too, because we don’t all come with the same reasons. Some don’t mind the actual photography part, but don’t like the results. For some it’s the other way round – and for some it’s all of it. People have shared stories of the lengths they will go to avoid these situations.

I also discovered that the stories could be separated between professional and non-professional shoots and results. So there was my first route to helping others when they weren’t in front of my lens – tips and things to look out for in non-professional shoots… that so many of us find ourselves in!

So back to that comfort zone… (the photograph above illustrating one of those places for me). Did you know one of the first things that can cause a dislike in what you see in an image is familiarity. Because we’re so used to seeing our own image in the mirror, it is of course reversed when we see ourselves in a photograph and can look decidedly unfamiliar, but is how everyone else sees us. Our first reaction could be to dislike what we see… because it’s unfamiliar. Camera distortion, filters, light and many other elements will all be subjects of future blogs and articles. 

Studying what affects others has helped my own journey and adding my experience as a professional photographer, I continued my research. Although there can be similarities, it’s a very individual journey for people. After trying and testing different things, that worked, Love Your Image began to take shape in its concept.! I therefore mixed skills from both sides of the lens – it’s REALLY difficult to know how you are in front of a camera without any sort of helpful guidance. Photographer responsibility is the subject of another update! 

So when you feel brave enough to bring about some change (that can have a positive effect on other areas of your life too) get in touch for a free review session https://loveyourimage.co.uk/review-your-image/. In the meantime don’t forget you can sign up to the mailing list, access free tips and receive updates and information.

Penny xxPenny Morgan