‘Let’s all create videos and be seen.’

‘Let’s all create videos and be seen’.
But how do you know if video creation is right for you and how do you get started? Others are better placed than I to advise on whether video creation is best for you and your business, but I do know how to help you get started. However, in my opinion it’s one of the best ways to show the real you and that alone makes what you do unique… because we are all different. Even if you offer something similar to another, the way you offer it will make it different. Consider the mindset of your viewers (and potential clients) and why they would want to use you and buy your products, or use your services.

To those who have never attempted any videos, the thought of chatting for 2 minutes or longer can be a daunting prospect. Others seem to do it with ease and how can you live up to that?! I’ve even heard some say that it reminds them of drama classes at school that they hated. 

The good news is, there isn’t one single way that’s best.

It’s finding the way that is achievable for you and from there you will grow. That can be a very different experience from school, PLUS, you already have a vested interest!

Reels, videos, shorts, tiktok, vlogs … these are all names given to video creation of different lengths and a variety of platforms, that’s all. It might appear confusing, but really it’s not. Again, finding the platform and style that is right for you is the way to go. We really don’t need to be pressured into doing anything we don’t want to or feel uncomfortable … until we’re ready.  

Nearly six years ago I created a list of nine top tips – they still hold good today. If you’re reading this and haven’t seen them, you can get them by signing up to my mailing list. You can also find them as individual video clips on my You Tube channel – links below.

Love Your Image website
Love Your Image You Tube channel

Photograph of Penny about to create a video

Introductory video on You Tube.


What about that daunting thought of talking to camera for any length of time

This thought alone, is probably why many don’t even think of getting started. But with anything new to learn – this is not a competition with others – this is your journey. Your starting point could be another persons achieving point, or vice versa. Starting with things you can achieve and progressing at a pace you can manage and be happy with is the way forward to succeed. The story of the ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ comes to mind 🙂  

For all those videos you see out there online, stop and imagine for a minute… there are as many that never made the cut and the creator gave up!

You don’t have to be in business to share a video.

For example, I mentioned I have a You Tube channel that I’m gradually building and adding with clips to help all those who don’t like getting in front of the camera. However, I have some personal projects that I plan to share – one of them is already on facebook Feeding the hedgehogs

These would be things that I have a great interest in outside of work, such as my love of wildlife and there will be other interests too. So you get to know a bit about the person as well as their work.

This I recommend to do before you start creating videos!

I hadn’t planned to go over the tips in this blog, however I can’t stress enough the benefits of number 1Purpose.
Why? Well I’ve seen too many videos that perhaps don’t show someone talking about their business in the best light (excuse the pun). For no other reason that it wasn’t thought through sufficiently – so plan your strategy, you will thank yourself. 

Most of your viewers will be very supportive of your content and the information you generously share. However as with all things in life, you don’t have control over what others think, say or do. What you do have authority over is what you put out there – so make sure it makes sense and has value for those you wish to attract. You want them to switch on and not switch off!

Online courses for 2024.

I’m planning online courses for 2024 and that will include help with video creation. There will be plenty of notice about what’s coming, so please do stay in touch, should this will be of benefit to you.