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Five step success

Love Your Image five step success


Love Your Image 5 step success is a bespoke package, specifically tailored for each customer, that takes you beyond a photoshoot.

Whether it’s for business photographs, or for a family occasion such as a wedding, by using my five-step approach, we get you happily stepping in front of a camera.

By exploring your challenges and sharing techniques, one step at a time, you will learn how to feel more confident than you ever thought possible, when a lens is pointing your way.

The beauty of this method means you don’t have to move onto the next step until you feel ready – AND there’s not a camera in sight to start with:

    1. Acknowledging where you are now
    2. Learn insightful information why you feel the way you do and how to change it
    3. Discover techniques of working with a photographer and being in front of the camera, without any photographs being taken
    4. Equipped with information and control of what goes on, assess your strategy and ease into a photoshoot
    5. Receive your images and celebrate your success!

Yes, that could be you!

    • Most importantly, you will come away with a happier and more positive outlook towards being photographed.
    • Your images from the session will be placed in a private online viewing folder for you to see at your leisure and in the privacy of your own home.
    • Choose whether your photographs are for business or personal use and receive a set number of your choice. You also get to have three mounted into a beautiful Lifestyle Folio (below) as a memento of your achievement.

Lifestyle Folio






You can change – are you ready to Love Your Image?


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Price – £460.00

Love Your Image online

   Love Your Image – Online


The information and coaching element of Love Your Image is being developed as an online course and will be added to the website when available. Make sure you stay up to date on new courses as they become available by following our blogspot.


“I have always hated having my photograph taken as my face is fairly expressive and can often come across as stern or moody.

I chose Penny, not on price, but because I felt comfortable with her and her approach and I am really pleased with the results.
I have been converted and I now see that I don’t hate having my photo taken, I hate the wrong people taking my photo! I myself am having lots of personal changes at the moment and this shoot has really given me a boost and helped in my process to like myself as the person I am.”

Amanda Bloomfield

“I am thrilled with the headshot photos that Penny recently took of me. Penny has great patience and used various techniques to get the best shots and angles of me. Penny came to my house and soon had me feeling very relaxed in front of the camera.

I have also attended one of Penny’s Love Your Image workshops which was very interesting and informative, and I am using the information and tips provided whenever someone gets a camera out, which these days is quite often!!

Thank you.”

Sharon Rees

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