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Review Your Image

Review Your Image

Do you shy away when someone gets a camera out? Does it create a feeling of apprehension and anxiety? Do you dislike every photograph of yourself?

Invest your time in this FREE 30-minute session to discuss your thoughts and feelings when faced with being in front of a camera and seeing photographs of yourself.


Are any of these thoughts familiar?

“I hate being photographed…”

”I’ve never seen a good image of myself’…”

“The only photograph I like is when I didn’t know it was being taken…”

“I try and hide at the back of a group in a photograph…”

“I look so awkward…”

“I’m just not photogenic…”

During Review Your Image, I encourage you to discuss your feelings about the whole process of being photographed and the results.

The session is kept completely private and you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Acknowledging a very individual journey for each person, a review simply acts as a guide, to advise your best course of action, and begin a journey of change when you feel ready.

You can change – are you ready to Love Your Image?


Arranging a FREE SESSION is a start on your journey.

Online availability – Review Your Image


Review Your Image is available as a telephone call, or online Zoom meet up. This enables you to have this session and stay in the comfort of your own home.

Face to face meetings over a coffee at a local venue are possible, if you would prefer.

“Penny is a wonderful photographer. She absolutely understands what it is you’re trying to achieve and makes you feel totally relaxed with the whole process (great if you’re a bit camera conscious like me!).

Penny is clearly very passionate about her work, with an obvious desire to capture her subjects in the best way possible. I was incredibly pleased with the photography Penny did for me and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. “

Tom Tawell

“When people ask me to smile for photographs, I usually end up looking awkward or worse! Penny’s great strength is that she puts you at ease and keeps taking shots until she feels she has captured your essence.

I was absolutely delighted with the photos Penny produced for me. Every time I see these photos, I get a little confidence boost.

Thank you.”

David Shaw

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