Welcome to a new blogspot about learning to LOVE YOUR IMAGE and how it began. 

Where all things related to being photographed will be discussed, analysed, debunked, reported on and generally chewed over.


As a professional photographer, when I first started, one of the most common things I frequently observed was people who avoided, hated, felt very apprehensive and anxious being photographed – they would start apologising for themselves before we’d even met, saying things like – “you might have a hard job with me” .

I WAS ONCE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!    It’s time to change… and I did!

Change is in the air – many attitudes to out-dated ways of thinking are being challenged. Let’s include getting in front of a camera for anyone who finds it difficult and challenging and help you find the liberation I have.


It doesn’t matter what age, size, colour or gender you are… EVERYONE can take a good photograph, yes everyone. No-one is excluded… and… it’s NOT about being an extrovert.


I’m interested to know what you would like to hear about? 

Would you like to share what affects you?

If you’d like to change something, what would it be?

I plan to break down and address many different areas individually, which will include tips and hints along the way. But would love to hear what affects you?


There are already sessions of help available for you to explore, with more being developed.

In the meantime, join our newsletter and make sure you stay up to date on information, news and available help.

Penny Morgan

Penny xx